Los Tres Caballeros

A batá & conga toting trio that will light a fire under any party, festival, club gig or university concert. Los Tres Caballeros also play weddings, parties & music festivals.

The Music

Los Tres Caballeros play a party style called rumba. This highly sought after dance form is from Cuba and can be heard the world over at parties and professional venues. They also play the batá and sing songs with Angel Luís Figueroa leading the group. Los Tres Caballeros are well studied and have played most genres in the Afro-Caribbean folkloric realm, including: Arará, palo, yuka, makuta, rumba, bomba, plena, Iyesá, güíro and bembé.


"Los Tres Caballeros saved my wedding and made my bride joyful on her day of days! I highly recommend them because they're the best!" Chad Wimbly

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